Index of First Lines & Choruses

#1100.God shall rise, His foes be scattered,
#1101.Lo, the kingdom of the world is now the kingdom of the Lord!
Ch.Vict'ry, vict'ry, Hallelujah!
#1102.The Lord said unto my Lord,
#1103.What He is: He's the Father.
#1104.Lord, Thou art our peace offering;
Ch.Christ is our peace! Christ is our peace!
#1105.Lo, the table spread before us
#1106.We gather together to eat the Lord's supper:
#1107.We're gathered here, O Lord, as Thy one Body:
Ch.There is one Body in this universe,
#1108.Eat the bread, ye people of the Lord:
Ch.Eat the bread and drink the wine, ye saints!
#1109.Take, drink this cup, His blood,
#1110.O Jesus Lord, when present at Thy table,
Ch.So all our being sings in praise to Thee,
#1111.Gathered at Thy table, Lord;
#1112.Oh, how glorious is Thy table, Lord,
Ch.Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
#1113.Now the Triune God has come to dwell within
Ch.Oh, He's the wonderful Spirit in us,
#1114.The Spirit today is the air that we breathe;
#1115.We have come, we have come to the house of God;
#1116.Pure myrrh and cinnamon,
Ch.Four-in-one mingled,
#1117.We praise Thee, O God,
#1118.Th' anointing's here! The Lord is moving now in us;
Ch.Th' anointing's here! O Christian brothers,
#1119.In the Word of God I found it,
Ch.Yes, in my spirit now He is moving!
#1120.The Holy Spirit is the seal,
#1121.Praise the Lord, who firmly joined us
#1122."Seven Spirits" of our God —
Ch.Come, O seven Spirits, come,
#1123.Of the Spirit, born of Spirit —
#1124.What! Not sing of blood divine?
#1125.Down at the cross where my Savior died,
Ch.Glory to His name,
#1126.O Jesus Lord, we come to Thee,
#1127.God has saved me from the world;
Ch.No, no, no, no, no,
#1128.We were held in bondage, toiling down in Egypt land,
Ch.We will sing unto the Lord for His mighty victory,
#1129."So great a salvation," ye saints of the Lord,
#1130.Sing praise to Christ Who lives in us,
#1131.In a low dungeon, hope we had none;
Ch.Propitiation made by the blood,
#1132.Lord, teach us how to pray,
#1133.O Father of glory, now grant unto me
#1134.Oh, strengthen my spirit, Lord Jesus,
Ch.Into my heart, into my heart,
#1135.Oh, sanctify us, Lord; now add Thyself to us,
Ch.Oh, sanctify us, Lord, today;
#1136.Oh, Lord, grant us revelation,
#1137.His countenance angels can often behold,
#1138.Lord, Thou art our consecration,
#1139.I will get me to the mountain,
Ch.I will get me to the mountain,
#1140.Our old man has been crucified with Christ;
#1141.We will sing to the Lord with our spirit,
#1142.Jesus is the living Spirit,
Ch.Jesus is the living Spirit,
#1143.The tree of life, how sweet the fruit,
#1144.In the Word of old, we are clearly told,
Ch.Image, image,
#1145.God gave His Son to man to be
Ch.Yes, God is good for food!
#1146.Let us eat Jesus every day,
Ch.Eat, eat more of Jesus!
#1147.Christ is our manna true,
#1148."Come and dine," the Lord is calling,
#1149.Of Him whence grace and truth did spring,
Ch.Glory to God! We're at the fountain drinking!
#1150.We're feeding on the living bread,
#1151.Drink! A river pure and clear that's flowing from the throne;
Ch.Do come, oh, do come,
#1152.To Jesus every day we find our hearts are closer drawn;
Ch.The half cannot be fancied of such a treasure-store,
#1153.We have found the Christ who's all in all;
Ch.It is joy unspeakable and full of glory,
#1154.I love Thee, Jesus,
#1155.How I love Thee, precious Jesus,
Ch.Our Beloved, how we love Him,
#1156.To the Lord we're as a garden,
Ch.Spikenard, saffron, henna* flower,
#1157.His banner over me is love,
Ch.Is love! Is love!
#1158.Dear Lord Jesus, precious Jesus,
#1159.Jesus Lord, I'm captured by Thy beauty.
#1160.Jesus is our lovely Bridegroom,
Ch.O our Bridegroom! O our Bridegroom!
#1161.Christ will make His seeking lover
Ch.His beloved — how He loves her,
#1162.We've found the secret of living,
Ch.Abiding in the vine,
#1163.He's the vine and we're the branches,
Ch.In the vine, in the vine,
#1164.Jesus, the all-inclusive land,
#1165.We're in the land, we're in the land!
Ch.He is the milk and honey, too;
#1166.God has set the land before us,
Ch.Hallelujah, Hallelujah,
#1167.Laboring on the good land, laboring in the morning,
Ch.Bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves,
#1168.Laboring on Jesus, the good land so real,
Ch.O Jesus! You're God's good land
#1169.Our worship in reality
#1170.The Lord is my Shepherd forever,
Ch.Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
#1171.In the Testament of old
#1172.Lo, the conflict of the ages
Ch.Let us stand up in Jesus
#1173.Grant us the vision clear to see
Ch.Breathing this man within the Word,
#1174.What a victory! What a triumph!
#1175.Power, exceeding great pow'r is to us,
Ch.There is pow'r, pow'r, resurrection pow'r,
#1176.Pow'r exceeding great God did demonstrate
Ch.Power, power, resurrection power,
#1177.Oh, Christ in all His glory put on humanity
Ch.O Lord, O Lord, You are the man for me!
#1178.We have seen Christ is reality:
Ch.Hallelujah! By His light we see
#1179.My old man has been crucified with Him,
#1180.My old person has been nullified;
Ch.Christ, my Person, in my spirit lives;
#1181.Lord, to know Thee as our Person,
Ch.Lord, Thou art our Person,
#1182.In spirit and reality
#1183.On the Lord's day, John, in spirit,
#1184.In Revelation chapter one
#1185.In the multitude he lay there
#1186.The scribes and Pharisees all thought
#1187.Your ministry, O Lord,
#1188.Upon the throne of Jesus Christ
#1189.Son of Man, Son of Man on the throne today;
#1190.O Lord, You've called to us, and Canaan we would win,
Ch.O Lord, appear to us today;
#1191.From my spirit within flows a fountain of life —
Ch.Lord, I treasure the sweet flow of life,
#1192.Chapter one of Genesis:
#1193.Life is God the Father in Christ Jesus
#1194.There are two lines to live by in our living today —
Ch.Oh, we'll stay on God's life line, never turning aside.
#1195.Life is mysterious, life is God Himself,
#1196.Our God is living — say, Hallelujah!
#1197.God is light, and in Him there is no darkness at all!
Ch.Sisters: In the light,
#1198.A mighty flowing-out is God,
#1199.God's intention in this universe is with humanity,
Ch.Mingle, mingle, hallelujah,
Index of First Lines & Choruses