Hymns, #1135

Longings - For Sanctification

Eng/Kor:1135  Chin:s440  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Music:Flora H. Cassel
Meter: with chorus.

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Ephesians 5:26-29


Oh, sanctify us, Lord; now add Thyself to us,

In our experience, Thy Person spread in us,

That in reality the church be glorious,

O Lord, do add Thyself, we pray.


Oh, sanctify us, Lord, today;

Lord Jesus, You're the only way.

We take Your Person, Lord;

Oh, spread Yourself abroad.

Oh, sanctify us, Lord, today.


Oh, purify us, Lord, by speaking in our heart;

Thy living, spoken word this washing will impart.

Increase Thy speaking, Lord, and cleanse our every part.

Oh, purify us, Lord, we pray.


Oh, purify us, Lord, today;

Wash all our natural life away.

Speak now Thy words in us,

And make us glorious.

O Lord, do speak in us today.


O Lord, do nourish us; You are the food we need;

As we are eating You, we'll be transformed indeed;

We're fully satisfied as on Yourself we feed,

So nourish us, O Lord, we pray.


O Lord, do nourish us today

As all our self You wash away.

Not only purify,

But fill and satisfy;

O Lord, do nourish us today.


O Lord, do cherish us, as on Thyself we feed;

Warm us so tenderly and meet our every need.

Our hardness soften, Lord, till we are Yours indeed;

Oh, cherish us, dear Lord, we pray.


O Lord, do cherish us today,

Until our coldness flees away.

Oh, hold us close to Thee

And cherish tenderly;

O Lord, do cherish us today.


Lord, make us glorious, by all Your inner work,

Not glory for ourselves, but glory for the church;

That You may have Your Bride, thus ending all Your search.

O Lord, do work on us, we pray.


O Lord, do work on us today!

To form the church Your glorious way.

Oh, spread Yourself in us

Till we are glorious;

Oh, make us glorious, Lord, today.

Hymn #1135