Hymns, #1143

Experience of Christ - As Food and Drink

Eng/Kor:1143  Chin:s209  Span:225  Rus:420  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:247


Hymn using same tune: #313


The tree of life, how sweet the fruit,

With God as life complete.

I once was dead, but now I live,

Was starved, but now I eat.


'Twas God that brought me to the tree,

With Christ Himself as meat;

How precious did that tree become

When I began to eat.


The Lord Himself is food to me,

He is my life supply;

He will my pure enjoyment be,

None else can satisfy.


I freely eat this living tree,

For eating is the way

To put God's life inside of me,

To live by Him today.

Hymn #1143