Hymns, #1196

Experience of God - As Life

Eng/Kor:1196  Chin:s720  Span:286  Rus:118  Tag:1196  Fra:1196  Por:-

Meter:Peculiar Meter.

This hymn has a unique tune.


Our God is living — say, Hallelujah!

He's living in us — say, Hallelujah!

We taste His riches,

He is our portion.

Just say 'O Lord' to taste and see.


We come together — there's nothing better —

For in the Spirit we are His family;

His living Body!

We just express Him.

Jesus is our reality.


In all the churches we're being filled now

For the saturation throughout the nation,

To spread our Jesus

To every city —

This land will see the living Christ.

Hymn #1196