Hymns, #1187

Experience of Christ - As the Minister of the New Covenant

Eng/Kor:1187  Chin:-  Span:244  Rus:-  Tag:1187  Fra:-  Por:-

Music:John Darwall

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Hebrews 8


Your ministry, O Lord,

How excellent it is;

A better covenant,

And better promises;

Enacted on a better law.

Of such You are Executor.


A better covenant,

And better promises;

A better law of life

And sacrifice this is.

Redemption's work, done long ago,

A better blood has made it so.


In Hebrews eight we see

The way to make us whole;

Life planted deep within,

Which spreads into the soul.

The law of life, imparted, still

Inscribed in mind, emotion, will.


The law of letters leave,

The law of life pursue;

The one is old and dead,

The other fresh and new.

Dead teachings cannot help the seed;

The law of life is what we need.


The law of life in us,

In function now we see,

Works not by will and thought

But automatically.

It saturates, conforms to Him;

The standard model spreads within.


Our sins are all forgiv'n,

His life imparted too;

God is our God today,

And we're His people true.

We know Him in an inward way:

These blessings four have come to stay.


We're being sonized now;

The life within will do

The deep transforming work

Of making us anew.

In ages past, the work was done —

Now prayer is over — praise the Son!

Hymn #1187