Hymns, #1129

Assurance and Joy of Salvation - So Great a Salvation

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Hymn using same tune: #339 (Tune 2)


Hebrews 2:3


"So great a salvation," ye saints of the Lord,

To us is revealed in His marvelous Word!

Since all that He is and has done is for us,

We'll give earnest heed to this word glorious.


What He is of God and of Man as the Son,

We now may enjoy since with Him we are one;

Our High Priest and Captain — salvation is He!

He'll cause us to grow in His glory to be.


He's washed all our sins, purified them fore'er;

Tasted death on the cross, ended slavery there.

He took on our nature, the devil has slain,

And put you and I in His glorious train.


So great the extent of salvation to us —

We're partners of Christ in His plan glorious.

He'll bring us to glory and we'll rule with Him,

To the uttermost saved by His working within.


To such a salvation our heed we must give,

Lest drifting away or neglecting we live.

Christ now as our life, future ruling with Him,

We'll miss if we miss this salvation within.


"So great a salvation" is given to us

That we may be made like our Lord glorious!

By all that He is and by all He has done

We're brought into glory with God's firstborn Son.

Hymn #1129