Hymns, #1192

Experience of God - As Life

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Music:Wolfgang A. Mozart

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Genesis 1


Chapter one of Genesis:

Life is God's one emphasis,

Showing Christ subjectively,

Step by step He grows in me.


Just as earth became a waste,

Death and darkness once I faced.

God had judged, no light did shine;

Hollowness and void were mine.


Satan's fall had filled the seas

With corruption, sin, disease.

Yet the Spirit brooded o'er

The abyss: chaos no more!


God then spoke: the air was cleared!

Darkness which I once had feared

Was dispelled by God's own light.

A new day! No longer night!


As the light began to shine

His discernment became mine.

I began to see aright;

God divided dark from light.


Then the waters He did split;

An expanse between them fit,

Earthly things from heavenly,

Separated hence they'd be.


On the third day God designed

That the waters be confined.

In our lives dry land must be;

No more death and no more sea!


God commands: death's water halt!

Christ, the good land, we exalt!

Separated from all strife

We enjoy Christ as our life.


Growing in us inwardly;

Grass, then herb, then fruitful tree.

We begin as but a blade;

Soon our being He'll pervade.


Then the fourth day lights He set;

Bearers these, more definite.

Richer light to radiate,

Higher life to generate.


Sun, the greater light we see

Ruling day triumphantly;

Yet when darkness fills the skies,

Waxing moon is on the rise!


'Tis the Church she typifies;

For her light on Christ relies.

In His image meant to be,

She reflects Christ perfectly.


Lastly, precious stars He placed,

Strong in spirit, full of grace;

Shining when the moon seems faint,

These are overcoming saints.


What a glorious picture here:

Sun and moon and stars appear!

Lord, our prayer is that we'd be

Full of light and life in Thee.

Hymn #1192