Hymns, #1195

Experience of God - As Life

Eng/Kor:1195  Chin:-  Span:285  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Music:C. Goudimel

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Life is mysterious, life is God Himself,

Whose whole intention focuses on man.

God made him to take in the tree of life,

To have a man of life for His own plan.


But man was tempted and seduced to sin,

By taking knowledge from the other source.

This man then fell as knowledge entered in

And dominated him with all its force.


This knowledge has developed in the man

Into the human culture on the earth.

So man, created to fulfill God's plan,

Became a failure full of Satan's dearth.


Then God came in the Person of the Son;

Lived He on earth, Christ Jesus was His name —

A living model so that everyone

Could live by life, God's fullness to obtain.


This God-man, Christ, went to the cross and died,

By death He ended knowledge, the old man.

Things negative forever crucified,

Death He subdued, a new life He began!


From death He resurrected and became

The living Spirit to give life to us.

When we believe and call upon His name;

This living Spirit comes to dwell in us.


By this the very Triune God is now

The living Spirit mingling deep within.

Our spirit joins in oneness; this is how

We are one spirit evermore with Him.


'Tis by this Spirit that we walk and act,

We have our being, think, and see all things;

We're now within this Spirit! What a fact!

This Spirit to us all God's fullness brings!


So now we have to set our mind on Him;

Each day, each hour, our mind on Him must be;

That by this Spirit we'd be saved within

By life and reign in life eternally.


'Tis by this Spirit that we shall be freed

From Sin whose law inside us death would bring.

Our mortal bodies will have life indeed;

Thus sanctified we'll be in everything.


This Spirit shall transform our natural life,

Save us from self, build us in one new man,

Till we're conformed to be like Jesus Christ,

Thus finishing our God's eternal plan.


Life is our God and life is Christ our Lord.

Life is the Spirit. Life's the only way —

Till we're transfigured and redeemed to God.

We're waiting, looking forward to that day!

Hymn #1195