Index of First Lines & Choruses

#1200.There's a stormy wind a-blowing from the north;
Ch.Let it blow! the rushing mighty wind;
#1201.From the north where God is dwelling
#1202.God in His justifying has a plan,
#1203.God is righteous in His doings,
#1204.The cross — we all were there,
Ch.Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
#1205.Press on, press on toward the goal —
Ch.Pressing on! Pressing on!
#1206.There's a race for us to run — Hallelujah,
Ch.Look away! O look away!
#1207.There's a way before us and a race to run —
#1208.Years I spent in sorrow 'round the cross,
Ch.Mercy now is flowing, oh, the grace —
#1209.Praise God for tidings glad —
#1210.Through God's word, my hope at His returning
#1211.Given us, given us, God has given us
#1212.The Lord of all has shown His plan
#1213.If from your nat'ral man you would be free,
#1214.Dig away, dig away, dig away,
Ch.All the guilt has to go
#1215.God has not giv'n us a spirit of fear —
Ch.O there's pow'r, pow'r, overcoming pow'r,
#1216.We have an inner life; that's for our daily life;
#1217.Lord, we've heard the call, "Come forward,"
Ch.Coming forward to the Holiest,
#1218.If from the world you're longing to be free,
#1219.What a wonderful change in my living is wrought
Ch.By saying Amen to His Word,
#1220.Remove the veils, Lord, from my heart;
#1221.Jesus, our wonderful Shepherd
Ch.Glorious church life,
#1222.Sing aloud your praises to the Lord of all,
#1223.O walk about, walk about Zion,
#1224.We from the law to Christ have turned;
Ch.We only care for Christ!
#1225.Lord, to know Thee as the Body,
#1226.Oh, the church of Christ is glorious, and we are part of it —
Ch.Hallelujah for the Body!
#1227.Our Lord, that One of peerless worth
Ch.Jesus! Oh, You're coming soon,
#1228.The Bible is the Word of God,
Ch.Oh, what a miracle that we could be His Bride!
#1229.The church is Christ's deep longing
#1230.One new man is the Father's plan;
#1231.O praise the Lord, God has a plan —
#1232.Once by nature we were dead in sin,
Ch.Jesus is getting us together,
#1233.O home in the church,
Ch.Home, home in the church;
#1234.I thirsted in the barren land of Babylon
Ch.Drinking at the springs of living water,
#1235.Oh, listen to the wanderer
Ch.Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
#1236.In the church the sound of life upon our ear is falling,
Ch.We're churching in the Spirit
#1237.Splendid church life! His green garden!
Ch.I'm so happy in this lovely place,
#1238.Never did I dream before,
#1239.In this age we're being turned
#1240.Deeper, deeper, in the cross of Jesus;
#1241.God's life and building can be seen
#1242.The Lord, the seed of life, has sown Himself into our heart
Ch.The seed is simply Jesus! Oh, Jesus lives in me!
#1243.We are one in the spirit, by His life we are one,
Ch.In the church we are brothers,
#1244.Behold how good a thing
#1245.When the brothers are in order,
Ch.Follow brothers, follow sisters,
#1246.We give ourselves to follow the churches,
Ch.We must follow the Spirit
#1247.If our hearts would be established;
Ch.Follow Jesus in the spirit;
#1248.Recall how David swore,
#1249.How oft believers through the years
#1250.O surely I will not come in
#1251.To Jerusalem we've come,
Ch.Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
#1252.Down in Babylon, in captivity,
Ch.Stirred up! Stirred up!
#1253.Lord, Thy word of old to David
#1254.This is the time for building the temple of the Lord
Ch.Be strong, be strong, God's dwelling place to build!
#1255.We are for the Lord's recovery
Ch.We are for the Lord's,
#1256.Praise the Lord, we're in the Lord's recovery —
#1257.Do you see them in the cities,
Ch.'Tis the local church, the church God has chosen,
#1258.Oh, how lovable, how precious
#1259.See the local churches,
Ch.See the local churches,
#1260.We're in the local church,
#1261.In Chicago* land we must take our stand
Ch.Purpose, purpose, Thine eternal purpose;
#1262.It's by our mingled spirit, Lord,
#1263.There's a church in New York City*,
#1264.In the age of Revelation,
Ch.Christ and a burning church,
#1265.The churches are the Body
Ch.The churches, the churches,
#1266.Burning, burning, we are burning,
Ch.Christ and the local church,
#1267.We are for the great migration,
#1268.When Noah worked upon the ark as God to him decreed,
Ch.Now Jesus' testimony, we in the churches see,
#1269.There in old Chaldea, product of man's fall,
Ch.Our Lord God Jehovah called a corporate man,
#1270.We are the Hebrews! Praise the Lord!
Ch.Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!
#1271.We're the river-crossers, Hebrews is our name;
Ch.We are the Hebrews, that's our real name;
#1272.The birthright God has giv'n to us
#1273.Christ has called us once to Him,
Ch.Overcome! Overcome!
#1274.In Revelation two and three,
#1275.Glorious things of thee are spoken,
#1276.Oh, the Lord is quickly coming,
#1277.Now in all the churches flowing,
#1278.In the church of Jesus there is love for you,
#1279.What we are, we're His image;
#1280.We've become the Lord's dear brothers
Ch.Jesus is our Elder Brother,
#1281.All the meetings Christ appointed
#1282.Marching on, marching on, in the Spirit marching on;
Ch.In the church we see
#1283.Fight, saints, for Jesus our Lord!
#1284.Our eyes have seen the vision:
Ch.Come forward! Come forward!
#1285.The faith which once for all was giv'n
Ch.And we know whom we have believèd
#1286.The Lord has shown the way
Ch.On to victory! On to victory!
#1287.Let's take the land! The land that God has given us;
Ch.Let's take the land! O Christian brothers,
#1288.In Eden's garden, Satan thought
#1289.The vict'ry's won! The Lord has triumphed o'er the foe!
Ch.The vict'ry's won! O Christian brothers,
#1290.O Lord, we've seen Your purpose to bring the many sons
#1291.At the end of Luke's gospel, chapter twenty and two,
Ch.Though there's all kinds of battles in our living each day,
#1292.An uplifted gospel have we,
#1293.O I'm a man —
#1294.Come let us speak till the kingdom of the Lord comes down.
#1295.Ours is a fellowship in the gospel
#1296.The universe of God consists
#1297.From the beachhead in our spirit
#1298.Chosen by God in ages past,
#1299.Man's Creator has a purpose
Index of First Lines & Choruses