Hymns, #1156

Experience of Christ - Loving Him

Eng/Kor:1156  Chin:s349  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:272

Meter: with chorus.

Hymn using same tune: #7


Song of Songs
*henna: an Old World plant, prized for its fragrant yellow and white flowers. (Song of Songs 1:!4)


To the Lord we're as a garden,

Out from which the spices flow;

All the precious fruits of Jesus

Freely in this garden grow.


Spikenard, saffron, henna* flower,

Cinnamon and calamus,

Frankincense and myrrh and aloes;

O Lord, we would ever grow Thee thus.


O Lord, come into Thy garden,

Come, Beloved, come and eat

Freely for Thy satisfaction

Of Thy fruit, abundant, sweet.


"Yea," Thou answerest, "I am eating

Honeycomb with honey pure."

All sweet spices from Thy garden,

Doth Thy satisfaction, Lord, secure.


All the produce of the garden

Is with resurrection filled

That the Lord may have a city,

Fruits of resurrection build.


From the garden to the city,

Growth transformed to precious stone;

Christ is thus expressed, reflected —

God in all His glory fully shown.


Now the city, fair and comely,

As the dawn, triumphantly,

Is an army strong and mighty

Marching forth in victory.


Lo, the city and the army —

Saints transformed in one accord.

What a terror to the devil,

And so beautiful unto the Lord!

Hymn #1156