Hymns, #1180

Experience of Christ - As Our Person

Eng/Kor:1180  Chin:s131  Span:251  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:1180  Por:-

Meter:Peculiar Meter.

Hymn using same tune: #1178


My old person has been nullified;

With my Lord upon the cross he died;

Now in nothing shall he be applied;

He's dead to me.

My new Person in my spirit dwells;

Springing in me as a bubbling well;

Flowing out until each part He fills

With abundant life.


Christ, my Person, in my spirit lives;

And my heart to Him I'd daily give;

That my inner man could have a home

And a place to settle down, yes,

A place to call His own, and —

There be my complete reality,

There expressing all He is to me,

Living in my heart abundantly

As my Person real.


By this Person being formed in me,

I'll a member of His Body be,

No more acting individually,

But with the saints.

More and more our Person He must be;

That our natural personality

Be eliminated thoroughly

Till Christ is all.


Only Christ, our Person, must remain;

From our aims, our goals we must refrain,

Till the church be only Christ Himself

Built up as the one new man,

Thus fulfilling God's great plan of —

Mingling fully with the human race

To obtain a proper dwelling place,

'Stablishing His kingdom's rule and grace;

Over all the earth.


Not Himself just individually,

But the church together corporately,

Taking Christ as all in all, to be

The full-grown, perfect man.

Hymn #1180