Hymns, #1130

Assurance and Joy of Salvation - So Great a Salvation

Eng/Kor:1130  Chin:s34  Span:-  Rus:359  Tag:1130  Fra:-  Por:-


This hymn has a unique tune.


Hebrews 7


Sing praise to Christ Who lives in us,

The God of our salvation;

Who saves us by His life divine,

And not by regulation;

After we've worked — done all we can,

His life has power to change a man:

His life divine can change us.


He saves us to the uttermost

By His life-giving power;

Transfusing Himself into us,

He saves us hour by hour.

He saved the lost by coming in,

He's saving now from more than sin:

He's saving us to glory!


Our Lord was constituted priest

To be a real life-giver;

Life is the nature of this One

Who can from self deliver:

His life is indestructible,

By it He saves us to the full:

Praise God, He's fully able!


His life is fully qualified

To bring us through to glory;

Were it not for His tested life,

'Twould be another story:

His life was fully tried on earth,

To crucifixion from His birth:

He passed through death and Hades.


He's pledged to save us to the full,

His life is operating;

He's doing everything for us

'Tis all for our perfecting;

Our life's a failure at its best,

Only His life can stand the test:

His life brings full salvation!


He's living now to intercede,

Continuing forever;

He undertakes into the age,

His priesthood changes never;

He always lives to intercede,

Such a High Priest is what we need:

He's higher than the heavens.


Come forward now to God through Him,

Ne'er shrink back to destruction;

Come forward now to get the life,

Which brings the proper function;

Come forward now the life to take,

By life His people us He'll make,

And swallow death forever.

Hymn #1130