Hymns, #1189

Experience of Christ - As the Son of Man on the Throne

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Son of Man, Son of Man on the throne today;

Son of Man, Pioneer, He has led the way;

Following, how we sing, Jesus leads us on;

We are marching with the Victor to the throne.


On we go, on we go to the throne with Him;

On we go, through this age, age so dark and grim;

Then shall we — formerly, Satan's captured ones —

Be exalted with the Lord upon His throne.


Called as sons, called as sons, destined to be kings;

Called as sons, we've no time for the worldly things:

Yet we know, it is so — we don't qualify!

Thus the Lord must search and burn and purify.


Search and burn, search and burn all our inward parts;

Search and burn, thoroughly, to refine our hearts;

We'll not fear, but be clear — burning, searching thus

Is the gracious visit of the Lord to us.


With the Man, with the Man is a rainbow fair;

Glorious bow, 'round the throne, faithfulness declares:

We deserved to be served with God's judgment sore.

But we have been spared to praise Him more and more.

Hymn #1189