Hymns, #1133

Longings - For Revelation of Christ

Eng/Kor:1133  Chin:-  Span:169  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Music:I. E. Rummery

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Ephesians 1:17-23


O Father of glory, now grant unto me

A spirit of wisdom, a spirit to see;

O give unto me the full knowledge of Him,

Enlight'ning the eyes of my heart deep within.


O show me that Christ is the hope of Thy call —

O glorious hope, Christ will fill all in all!

Reveal Him — the riches of glory in us —

As God's own inheritance. How glorious!


O God of our Lord Jesus, let me perceive

Th' exceeding great pow'r unto us who believe,

The power that raised Christ, Thy Son, from the dead

And made Him o'er all, to His Body, the Head.


O God, Thou hast wrought all this pow'r into Christ,

Who now lives in me as my Person, my life.

O grant revelation, dear Father, to see

This transcending pow'r is a Person in me.


O Christ is the hope, He's the glory and power;

So Christ I must take as my Person each hour.

Then in me such power will be exercised,

My hope and God's glory will be realized.

Hymn #1133