Hymns, #1184

Experience of Christ - As the Son of Man Amidst the Lampstands

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Music:John L. Hatton

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Revelation 1


In Revelation chapter one

God gives a vision of the Son,

Of Him who was and is to come;

Oh, let us to this One now come.


In spirit hear His trumpet voice;

We must be turned to see His choice —

The seven lampstands golden fair;

The Son of Man is walking there.


The great high priestly robe He wears,

For every church He fully cares:

He trims the lamp, the oil supplies;

He makes them burn, flames in His eyes.


A golden girdle on His breast —

His work is done, and from His rest

He unto all the churches pours

Himself in love, the treasure store.


His head, His hair is white as wool —

The ancient One with youth is full.

His face is shining as the sun

To burn and lighten every one.


Oh, when this living One we see,

We'll fall as dead, we'll finished be.

But then the Lord His comfort gives —

He once was dead, but now He lives.


Let every church just love Him more —

His riches then He will outpour.

All others loves now lay aside;

Let's take this Jesus, none beside.

Hymn #1184