Hymns, #1116

Fullness of the Spirit - As the Compound Spirit

Eng/Kor:1116  Chin:s139  Span:125  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Meter:Peculiar Meter.

Hymn using same tune: #1085


Exodus 30:22-25, 34-36


Pure myrrh and cinnamon,

Calamus and cassia —

These are Thy elements,

Jesus my Lord!

In olive oil they're blent

In wondrous measurement —

O what an ointment this,

Anointing us!


Four-in-one mingled,

Compounded Spirit,

Sweet with Christ's suffering death,

Full of fragrance

Of resurrection —

O what an ointment flows

In spirit, Lord!


Stacte and onycha,

Galbanum and frankincense —

There are Thy elements,

Jesus my Lord!

Stacte doth sons produce,

Onycha from sin doth loose,

Galbanum all death repels,

In spirit, Lord.


Equal proportion,

In resurrection;

Seasoned with salt are they.

Ground into powder fine,

Consumed with fire divine —

O what an incense this,

Jesus my Lord!


Ointment is Christ for us,

Exceeding glorious!

Incense is Christ for God,

Wholly for Him.

Ointment flows down to us,

Christ is our portion thus;

Incense ascends to God,

Fragrant to Him.


'Tis by th' anointing

Christ we experience

And then the incense burn.

Christ in our prayer and praise —

O what a Christ we raise

From our experience,

Precious to God.

Hymn #1116