Hymns, #1138

Consecration - Christ as Our Burnt Offering

Eng/Kor:1138  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:216

Music:Asahel Nettleton, John Wyeth

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Lord, Thou art our consecration,

Thou the consecrated One;

Thou has satisfied the Father —

Consecration thus was done.

When on earth Thou hadst no pleasure,

Save to do the Father's will;

Now Thou livest here within us,

Consecration to fulfill.


Lord, we praise Thee for the picture:

Consecration's ram we see,

Burnt for God's full satisfaction,

Eaten and enjoyed to be.

Thou art now our ram, Lord Jesus,

Offered for the will of God;

By Thy consecration, faultless,

We may walk where Thou hast trod.


As we eat Thyself, Lord Jesus,

Consecrated we become;

By Thy wondrous life within us,

Thy obedience is our own.

No more need we strive and struggle,

Consecrated try to be;

Consecration dwells within us —

Now our part to eat of Thee.


Lord, we praise Thee, consecration

Is nought else but Thee as food:

As we eat Thee and enjoy Thee,

We are all made one with God;

One in will and one in purpose

We become by eating Thee:

As we take and eat Thyself, Lord,

Consecrated we will be.

Hymn #1138