Hymns, #1114

Fullness of the Spirit - As the Breath

Eng/Kor:1114  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Music:I. E. Rummery

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The Spirit today is the air that we breathe;

Our spirits rejoice in this living inflow.

For just as our body the breath does receive,

So also in spirit to live it is so.


The Spirit today is the air that we breathe;

What thing more important than breathing to do?

For breathing each moment, new life we receive,

And God's living freshness is constant and new.


For God has been processed, as air now, He's free;

This life-giving pneuma is all that we need.

He's rich and abundant, so plentiful, He,

In spirit to walk is to breathe Him indeed.


O, say, aren't you glad that the Spirit's outpoured

And God, fully processed, is flowing in us?

So freely we're breathing this life-giving Lord,

And breathing, receiving His life, glorious!

Hymn #1114