Hymns, #1124

Assurance and Joy of Salvation - Redeemed by the Blood

Eng/Kor:1124  Chin:s855  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:162


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What! Not sing of blood divine?

What! Not tell to all mankind?

What! Not speak to hearts unclean

Of the precious living stream.


By this blood, God's life released,

Blood surpassing any beast's;

Perfect, spotless Lamb of God,

Incorruptible His blood.


Voice it has, this holy blood;

Pow'r possessed to speak with God;

Speaks it for us at the throne

With its glorious virtue shown.


Failure on our conscience is —

Conscience means a "knowing this" —

Causing us much grief and pain,

Telling us of every stain.


All the while we're unaware

Of the blood's effectual prayer.

Jesus' blood speaks of our case,

That we might receive His grace!


We need not dead works to bring,

Nor another offering.

Nothing else could please our God,

Heav'n is listening for His blood.


In His blood forgiveness shines;

Oh, 'tis glorious to find!

Israel just atonement knew,

We have that and cleansing too.


Heart and mind are now at peace

Rest! Our conscience has been reached.

Never more we blush in shame,

We are washed from every stain.


Hallelujah! Fathomless!

All that's in His blood for us!

Sing we will, and sing we must;

In His blood is all our trust!

Hymn #1124