Hymns, #1276

The Church - Philadelphia

Eng/Kor:1276  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Music:C. and F. Jouard

Hymns using same tune:

#73, #1121


Revelation 3:7-13


Oh, the Lord is quickly coming,

He has spoken in His Word;

And confirmed it by the churches,

For His Spirit we have heard.


Not to all the seven churches

Did the Lord speak in this way;

To the church in Philadelphia

Did He choose these words to say.


Philadelphia, Philadelphia,

Church so full of brotherly love,

You're the church to bring the Bridegroom

Back to earth from heav'n above.


He that hath the key of David,

He that shuts and opens too,

Knows thy works, O Philadelphia;

That's why you're His Bride so true.


Not so strong by worldly standards,

Hidden from religion's fame;

Jesus loves you, Philadelphia,

For you're faithful to His name.


By His Word you're overcoming —

How the Amen does resound!

Just hold fast to what you've gotten,

That no man may take your crown.


You have kept His Word of patience;

He will keep you from that hour

Which upon the whole world cometh

When the Lord comes in His power.


"I come quickly," Philadelphia,

Speaks the Lord to none but you;

"Amen! Quickly come, Lord Jesus,"

Answer back His faithful few.

Hymn #1276