Hymns, #1258

The Church - Her Local Expression

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Hymn using same tune: #114


Psalm 84


Oh, how lovable, how precious

Are Thy local churches, Lord!

My soul longeth, even fainteth

For the courts of Thine abode;

'Tis my heart's deep thirst and longing

And my spirit deeply sighs;

Fellowship among the churches —

For this my whole being cries.


Blessed is the man whose heart, to

Zion, is an open way;

He's the one whose strength is in Thee;

He will praise Thee all the day.

In communion with the churches,

Trusting Thee, Thy praise he sings;

Passing through the weeping valley,

It becomes a place of springs.


One day spent among Thy churches,

Better than a thousand is!

Even to the lowest member,

Sun and shield Jehovah is.

Grace and glory, every good thing,

On us now He doth outpour;

Blessed is that man who dwelleth

In the churches evermore.

Hymn #1258