Hymns, #1298

The Kingdom - Reward and Punishment

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Music:Ludwig van Beethoven

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Chosen by God in ages past,

Our God will never let us go;

Salvation is assured fore'er;

'Tis such security we know.


"I give to them eternal life,

They shall not perish," is His word;

"No one shall snatch them from Our hands,"

This is the promise of the Lord.


Yet there's a word for God's own sons,

Which is a warning from the Lord:

For those not ready when He comes,

"Worse punishment" and not "reward."


Reward is not eternal life,

It's based on how we run the race;

It all depends on what we build,

It's not a matter, here, of grace.


'Tis for God's kingdom we press on,

Like Moses, we are for the Lord;

We suffer with God's people here

And look away to the reward.


Richer by far, reproach of Christ,

Than Egypt's treasures, which are sin;

By faith we leave Egyptian land,

Avoiding next age discipline.


Our soul gained for the kingdom's age —

For this we lose our soul life here;

If we lay down our soul life now,

We'll save it for Christ's kingdom there.


We all must learn to pay the price,

Christ must be worked into our soul;

'Tis thus our soul is gained by Him,

This is our aim and this our goal.

Hymn #1298