Hymns, #1238

The Church - As our Home and Rest

Eng/Kor:1238  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:537  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-


Hymn using same tune: #1071


Never did I dream before,

Such a place could e'er be found,

Where the tears of sorrow cease,

Songs of endless joy abound.

One who seldom ever sang,

Now delights his voice to raise;

Singing hymns with all the saints,

Echoing the ceaseless praise.


Day by day the world goes on,

Just as it has gone before.

Millions grasp and clutch at life,

Wond'ring if there could be more;

Such was I and would be, yet

Mercy found me out somehow;

With what gratefulness I say,

"I'm in God's own family now."


How delightful 'tis to know;

How subjective, real, and sweet

Is this inward joy of grace

We experience when we meet;

Life abundant Jesus gives

As my full reality;

Praise You, Lord, it's really true,

I'm in Your own family.


At the closing of this age,

Just before Your kingdom's dawn,

May You gain a people, Lord,

For Your dwelling place, Your home.

Since for me You gave Your all,

Everything I lay aside;

For Your church my all I'd give,

That You would be satisfied.

Hymn #1238