Hymns, #1296

The Kingdom - Its Course

Eng/Kor:1296  Chin:s541  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Music:Henry S. Cutler

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The universe of God consists

Of heaven, earth, and air.

The enemy of God resists

His purpose everywhere.

At first the mighty rebel one

The earth from God obtained;

Then from the Lord the air had won,

Establishing his reign.


So God's intention was to gain

His kingdom on the earth,

The place where He could fully reign

And show to all His worth.

Thus He began in Genesis

To forward His great plan.

Out of this darkened, lost abyss

Our God created man.


But Satan caused the man to fall

From God's eternal grace.

Then Abraham received the call

To head the chosen race.

The Jews were led from Pharaoh's hand

Through sea and wilderness

Into the promised Canaan land,

God's kingdom to express.


The Israelites refused God's reign,

Desired an earthly king;

The kingdom then was lost again

Till David was to bring

God's kingdom back to earth once more

For God to rule through him;

But Israel failed as once before

God's kingdom to bring in.


Such was the situation when

Our God became a man,

Declaring to all men, "Repent!

The kingdom is at hand."

A perfect model of God's rule,

The King, full qualified!

But Satan as a desperate fool

Had Jesus crucified.


This Jesus went into the grave

And death He overcame.

Now resurrected He will save

The earth from Satan's reign.

He as the Spirit enters man

To fill him with His life.

These men, the church, fulfill His plan

To save the earth from strife.


Now on the earth the church we see,

God's kingdom here expressed,

Where He has full authority

His rule to manifest.

The place where Satan has to flee

Our mighty conquering rod,

The kingdom through the church will be

Brought to the earth for God.

Hymn #1296