Hymns, #1262

The Church - Her Local Expression

Eng/Kor:1262  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Music:Ira D. Sankey

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It's by our mingled spirit, Lord,

That we can shine with Thee,

And be a golden lampstand now

For all the world to see.

It's not by forms or rituals,

Mere Christianity;

It's by our Christ enjoyed as life

We all can shine with Thee.


The burning Christ has feet as brass

Which in the furnace burns,

His eyes are as a flame of fire —

'Tis to this Christ we turn!

How could we ever lukewarm be

When on His face we gaze?

O Lord, we give ourselves to You

To set us all ablaze!


The seven golden lampstands in

The seven cities see,

So burning, shining with this Christ,

It's God's economy!

We're absolute that this become

Our full reality

Upon the earth, within the church

In each locality.

Hymn #1262