Hymns, #1248

The Church - Consecration for the Church

Eng/Kor:1248  Chin:s603  Span:381  Rus:140  Tag:1248  Fra:1248  Por:398

Meter:Peculiar Meter.

This hymn has a unique tune.


Recall how David swore,

"I'll not come into my house,

Nor go up to my bed,

Give slumber to mine eyelids,

Until I find a place for Thee,

A place, O Lord, for Thee."

Our mighty God desires a home

Where all His own may come.


How blinded we have been,

Shut in with what concerns us;

While God's house lieth waste —

Lord, break through, overturn us;

We'll go up to the mountain,

Bring wood and build the house;

We'll never say, "Another day!"

It's time! We'll come and build!


O Lord, against these days,

Inspire some for Your building,

Just as in David's day —

A remnant who are willing

To come and work in Your house,

Oh, what a blessed charge!

Your heart's desire, is our desire —

We come, O Lord, to build.


Within those whom You'd call

Put such a restless caring

For building to give all —

These times are for preparing;

The gates of hell cannot prevail

Against the builded Church!

The hours are few, the builders too —

Lord, build, O build in us!

Repeat the last four lines

Hymn #1248