Hymns, #1239

The Church - Building by the Growth in Life

Eng/Kor:1239  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Music:Wolfgang A. Mozart

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In this age we're being turned

To the Spirit to be burned;

Now in spirit we can see

Christ, the church, our unity!


In the spirit we can taste

All the riches of Thy grace;

All Thy fullness, blessed Lord

Is for those in one accord!


In the spirit, on the ground —

Here is where Thy life is found.

Dwelling thus in unity,

We enjoy reality!


Out of death and into life,

Done with all divisive strife!

Free indeed to love but Thee,

Growing to maturity!


"Amen, Jesus," is our prayer

To the purging work, whate'er;

Now Thy church must desperate be

More the growth in life to see.


O Lord, make Thy home our heart,

Our true inner man Thou art;

God and man are mingled thus —

Christ, the church, all glorious!

Hymn #1239