Hymns, #1249

The Church - Consecration for the Church

Eng/Kor:1249  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Music:George C. Stebbins

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How oft believers through the years

Have sought the will of Jesus,

And would have offered everything

To walk as Him it pleases.

If you should seek the will of God,

Don't waste another minute;

The church life is His glorious will,

And you too must get in it.


"What is the will of God for me?"

How oft you've asked this question.

It is the church life, corporately,

Where God finds His expression.

Don't watch the church life from afar,

Or erringly construe it;

Come gaze upon it from within —

You'll give your whole life to it.


The church life here is realized,

'Tis all the Lord intended;

And in this rich experience

All further seeking's ended.

The church life is His glorious will —

Now for yourself begin it.

The surest way to know His will

Is simply to get in it.


So let us give our all for this,

And hold ourselves not dearly;

The church life is the will of God,

Let's take our standing clearly.

Oh, we have found the will of God;

Christ died and rose to win it.

The church life is His glorious will,

And, praise the Lord, we're in it!

Hymn #1249