Hymns, #1207

Encouragement - For Running the Race

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Meter:Peculiar Meter.

Hymn using same tune: #1200


Hebrews 12:1-2


There's a way before us and a race to run —

Christ our way, Christ our way!

Turn away from everything distracting us —

Run the race, run the race!

From the altar through the Holy Place,

Through the veil into our God,

To the law of life within the ark;

'Tis the goal, our great reward.


There's a cloud of witnesses surrounding us,

Urging us, forward come!

There is Abel, Enoch, Jacob, Abraham,

Moses, David, Solomon.

John the Baptist greater than them all,

Even he bids forward come!

These all died in faith, receiving not

Promises that were to come.


The Old Testament believers give the call,

"Forward come, forward come!"

For complete perfection they depend on us

Going on! Going on!

We are at the consummation now

Of our God's economy;

Better things we are experiencing.

Praise the Lord — reality!


E'en the least of us is greater than their great.

We're not small, we're not small!

They are waiting, watching, and expecting us.

"Forward come!" hear their call!

They have run the race and for their sakes

We'll obey the law of life.

Till the day we'll all be joined in one

To express God's glorious Christ.

Hymn #1207