Hymns, #1244

The Church - Oneness

Eng/Kor:1244  Chin:s627  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Music:Lewis Edson

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Psalm 133


Behold how good a thing

It is to dwell in peace;

How pleasing to our King,

This fruit of righteousness;

When brethren all in one agree,

They know the joy of unity!


When all are sweetly joined

(True followers of the Lamb),

They're one in heart and mind,

They think and speak the same;

When all in love together dwell;

The comfort is unspeakable!


Where unity takes place,

The joys of heav'n we prove;

This is the gospel grace,

The unction from above;

The Spirit on all saints is shed,

Descending swift from Christ the Head.


Where unity is found,

The sweet anointing grace

Extends to all around,

And shines from every face;

To every praising saint it comes,

And fills him with divine perfumes.


On all His chosen ones

The precious oil comes down:

Anointing as it runs,

Anointing on and on.

E'en to His skirts (the meanest name

That longs to love the bleeding Lamb).


From Aaron's beard it rolls,

(Those nearest to His face),

The humble, trembling souls

Who know abundant grace;

The grace, the grace for all is free,

For, lo, it reaches now to me!

Hymn #1244