Hymns, #1225

The Church - As Christ's Body

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Hymn using same tune: #552


Lord, to know Thee as the Body,

Is my desperate need today,

Oh, to see Thee in Thy members,

'Tis for this I long and pray.

No more just to know Thy headship,

In an individual way,

But to see Thee incarnated,

As the Body-Christ, I pray.


Through the years, Thy saints have sought Thee,

Longing for reality;

Gazing upward, searching inward,

Thirsting for the sight of Thee.

Now reveal that Christ in heaven,

Is the Body manifest;

And the Christ who dwells within us

As the Body is expressed.


Prone to be misled, I know it,

By my lofty thoughts of Thee,

Easy 'tis for self to seek Thee,

Yet not touch reality,

Oh, how much I need to find Thee,

In Thy members here below.

God eternal dwells among us,

Manifest in flesh to know.


Limit, Lord, my independence,

Let me to Thy Body turn;

Not just seeking light from heaven,

But the church's sense to learn.

May we be the stones for building,

Not the formless, useless clay,

Gain in us Thy heart's desire,

Corporately Thyself display.

Hymn #1225