Hymns, #1231

The Church - As the One New Man

Eng/Kor:1231  Chin:-  Span:375  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Music:George Frederick Handel
Meter:Peculiar Meter.

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O praise the Lord, God has a plan —

That's why He formed a man;

To exercise authority,

Subdue the earth entirely.

O what a joy to be

In His recovery,

O praise God He made me a V.I.P.


O hallelujah, Christ became

A man to die for me.

And dying once my life to be,

In spirit now He lives in me.

The man supreme is He,

My all He came to be;

O hallelujah, He lives in me!


O hallelujah, I'm a man,

The center of God's plan.

I'm God's own image made to be,

Expressing His authority.

It's great to be a man,

O praise God, I'm a man,

O hallelujah, I am a man!


O hallelujah, one new man,

The building of God's plan!

God's plan throughout eternity —

Not man, but men built corporately.

This man cannot be beat,

All things beneath his feet,

Christ and the church one man complete.

Hymn #1231