Hymns, #1292

Preaching of the Gospel - The High Gospel

Eng/Kor:1292  Chin:s858  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Music:Lewis Edson, Early American melody

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An uplifted gospel have we,

One we're not ashamed to proclaim.

Our gospel's the highest of all,

For it is God's goal and God's aim.

No longer so lowly and poor,

We've found that we're God's holy sons.

No more will we preach as before;

Now each man on earth can be won.


Our Brother's inherited all

God made Him to rule His affairs

Appointed — this office He fills

And shares it with us, His joint-heirs.

Elected before earth was formed,

We've found that we are qualified

To share all His glory and worth.

How could men but for Christ decide?


Yes, we're holy brothers with Christ,

No higher could any man be.

This highest of all gospels is;

This gospel each human must see.

Partakers of this heavenly call,

Could any this gospel reject?

With Christ sitting far above all —

This highest of all gospels yet!

Hymn #1292