Hymns, #1272

The Church - The Overcomers

Eng/Kor:1272  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Music:Arr. from Robert A. Schumann

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The birthright God has giv'n to us

Must be our goal, our highest prize,

For we're the church of the first-born —

Let us our portion realize!


A double portion of the land

Was Joseph's birthright — and 'tis ours

If we our garments keep from sin,

And stay pure in temptation's hour.


The priesthood was to Levi giv'n

As his inheritance — for he

Did count his family ties but loss

And owned God's things supreme to be.


The kingship, Judah did receive

For tending to young Joseph's need;

Through Benjamin's adversity,

He was his comforter indeed.


The double portion we would seek,

The priesthood and the kingship too;

Make us so desperate, Lord, for Thee

That Thee, our birthright, we'd pursue.


We would be those who pay the price,

Deny the soul, reject the self;

Ambitious for the birthright thus

We'd gain Thee, Lord, above all else.


The promise, Lord, 'twas giv'n to us,

Oh, let us ne'er this right despise;

Enflame us, Lord, to gain Thyself,

And Thee, our birthright realize.

Hymn #1272