Hymns, #200

Praise of the Lord - His All-Inclusiveness

Eng/Kor:200  Chin:156  Span:-  Rus:508  Tag:200  Fra:-  Por:108

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:(1) Arr. from William Gardiner
(2) May Chenevix-Trench

Hymn using same tune: Tune 2: #510


Thou art the Sun of righteousness

With healing in Thy wings;

The shining of Thy glorious face

To us Thy riches brings.


The tender mercy of our God

Caused Thee on us to dawn,

To those in darkness giving light

That shades of death be gone.


Thou art the Morning without clouds,

And as the Morning Light;

We are the tender grass on earth,

Who in Thy rays delight.


Thy shining light with pleasant rays

Increases all the way;

It shines within us more and more

Until the perfect day.


It shines thru woe with clearest beams,

As shining after rain;

And in Thy mercy with Thy love

Thy shining e'er remains.


Thou also art the Morning Star

To us as a reward;

While still 'tis dark it shines with light

To those who love the Lord.


Lord, help us e'er to love Thy light

And see things from afar;

And look for Thee in watch and prayer

As for the Morning Star.

Hymn #200