Hymns, #202

Praise of the Lord - His All-Inclusiveness

Eng/Kor:202  Chin:158  Span:91  Rus:-  Tag:202  Fra:-  Por:106

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:J. C. Trench

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O Lord, Thou art the Alpha

And the Omega too;

Thou art the First, before all,

And art the Last so true.

Thou art the sole Beginning,

The only End of all;

In Thee all is included,

Creations great and small.


Lord, since Thou art the Alpha,

All things commenced of Thee;

And as the sole Omega,

All things will end in Thee;

As God's full Alphabet, Lord,

All is of Thee composed;

Since Thou art all the letters,

All is in Thee enclosed.


As First of all the creatures,

Thou art the Head of all;

As Last in God's creation,

Thou art the close of all.

As First of all the creatures,

All things by Thee consist;

As Last in God's creation,

All things for Thee subsist.


Since Thou art the Beginning,

Thou hast preceded all;

And since Thou art the Ending,

Thou wilt inherit all.

Thou, the unique Beginning,

Didst all originate;

Thou, as the only Ending,

Wilt all things terminate.


O Lord, how we adore Thee

And treasure Thee with love;

As Alpha and Omega,

Thou art all things above.

We praise Thee, the Beginning,

The very First we call;

We worship Thee, the Ending,

The only Last of all.

Hymn #202