Hymns, #196

Praise of the Lord - His All-Inclusiveness

Eng/Kor:196  Chin:155  Span:-  Rus:350  Tag:196  Fra:-  Por:104

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Wolfgang A. Mozart, arr. by Hubert P. Main

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Lord, the ancient types and symbols

As our all Thyself portrayed;

As was shadowed in those figures,

Real to us Thou now art made.

Contemplating such a picture,

As we on its wonders gaze,

How we marvel at Thy riches

And our song of worship raise.


Lord, Thou art our true Passover,

God passed over us thru Thee;

By Thyself and Thy redemption

We with God have harmony.

Thou, the Lamb of God, redeemedst us

With Thyself and with Thy blood;

We apply Thy blood, our ransom,

Eating Thee, our real food.


Lord, Thou art the Bread from heaven,

The unleavened Bread of life;

Eating Thee, with Thee we mingle,

Ceasing from our sin and strife.

Lamb and Bread are both Thy figures,

Showing Thou art life to us;

Feasting on Thee at Thy table,

We enjoy Thy riches thus.


Lord, Thou art the Heav'nly Manna,

As our daily food supply;

Strengthening and energizing,

All our need to satisfy.

Living Rock Thou also art, Lord,

Cleft for us with life to flow;

Drinking of this living water,

Thirst is quenched, Thy life we know.


Lord, Thou art the Land of Canaan —

Elevated, rich and good,

Flowing with both milk and honey

In a glorious plenitude.

By Thy surplus God we worship,

In Thy fellowship we move;

Thus in love we're joined together

And God's building we will prove.

Hymn #196