Hymns, #201

Praise of the Lord - His All-Inclusiveness

Eng/Kor:201  Chin:153  Span:-  Rus:153  Tag:201  Fra:-  Por:109

Lyrics:Witness Lee

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O Lord, Thou art our Paraclete,

Our Comforter indeed,

Our Patron with our God above,

The Advocate we need.


Thou art our Counsel of defense,

The Pleader of our case,

Our Interceder for all things,

Our Helper in all ways.


Lord, Thou dost manage all affairs

For us in God's delight,

Both in the heavens and in us

With power in Thy right.


Thou intercedest all the time,

Lord Spirit, with Thy grace,

In heav'n to plead, in us to groan,

Entreating in our place.


Thou helpest as the living One,

And actest by God's plan

In resurrection pow'r of life,

Empow'ring our inner man.


Thou, as the Spirit giving life,

In weakness dost sustain;

And in our spirit with, Thy strength,

Our being dost maintain.


Thou servest ever with Thyself,

In mercy and in love,

That Thou may be our all in all,

And we Thy fulness prove.

Hymn #201