Hymns, #197

Praise of the Lord - His All-Inclusiveness

Eng/Kor:197  Chin:150  Span:90  Rus:351  Tag:197  Fra:-  Por:100

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Arr. from William Gardiner

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#163 (Tune 2), #200 (Tune 1)


How all-inclusive, Lord, Thou art;

Of God we are in Thee —

The portion God prepared for us,

Our all in all to be.


Thou art to us God's wisdom true,

We all are saved through Thee;

Thou art God's only way to save,

Thou art our only plea.


Thou art to us our righteousness,

All God requires to meet;

In Thee we all are justified,

In Thee we are complete.


Thou art to us our holiness

That we may be transformed;

In Thee we all are sanctified,

To Thee we'll be conformed.


Thou art to us redemption too,

That we Thy likeness bear;

Transfigured will our bodies be

Thy liberty to share.


Dear Lord, while we remember Thee,

Enjoying all Thou art,

We thus would hasten Thy return

And ne'er from Thee depart.


How sweet to have this foretaste here,

A taste so wonderful,

Yet still we fain would be with Thee,

And share Thyself in full.

Hymn #197