Hymns, #203

Praise of the Lord - His Increase

Eng/Kor:203  Chin:154  Span:93  Rus:206  Tag:203  Fra:-  Por:129

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:J. B. O. Clemm

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Stanza 5 is found in the Chinese hymnal only.


In the bosom of the Father,

Ere the ages had begun,

Thou wast in the Father's glory,

God's unique begotten Son.

When to us the Father gave Thee,

Thou in person wast the same,

All the fulness of the Father

In the Spirit to proclaim.


By Thy death and resurrection,

Thou wast made God's firstborn Son;

By Thy life to us imparting,

Was Thy duplication done.

We, in Thee regenerated,

Many sons to God became;

Truly as Thy many brethren,

We are as Thyself the same.


Once Thou wast the only grain, Lord,

Falling to the earth to die,

That thru death and resurrection

Thou in life may multiply.

We were brought forth in Thy nature

And the many grains became;

As one loaf we all are blended,

All Thy fulness to proclaim.


We're Thy total reproduction,

Thy dear Body and Thy Bride,

Thine expression and Thy fulness,

For Thee ever to abide.

We are Thy continuation,

Thy life-increase and Thy spread,

Thy full growth and Thy rich surplus,

One with Thee, our glorious Head.


(Stanza 5 is found in the Chinese hymnal only)

Lord Thy human shell was broken.

Life and glory Thou released

That thine own incorporation

With thy chosen be increased.

We with Thee incorporated:

Thou in us and we in Thee.

Here we eat the hidden manna,

New Jerusalem to be.

Hymn #203