Hymns, #194

Praise of the Lord - His All-Inclusiveness

Eng/Kor:194  Chin:160  Span:-  Rus:349  Tag:194  Fra:-  Por:101

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Louis Spohr

This hymn has a unique tune.


Thou art God's testimony, Lord,

Much better than the law;

The law in letter was engraved,

In it Thy type men saw.

A definition was the law,

God's picture to provide;

But Thou art God's reality,

In Thee doth God abide.


The ark of testimony too

Was but a type of Thee;

In it the law of God was placed,

But God in Thee we see.

The ark, in type, was made of wood

And. overlaid with gold;

It typifies Thee as a man,

Who God in full doth hold.


Thou art the tabernacle too,

God's holy dwelling place;

Incarnate in the flesh Thou art,

And full of truth and grace.

God's glory we behold in Thee,

Thou art the Word divine;

Thy words and deeds of love and light

Do God in life define.


The temple was a type of Thee;

The house of God Thou art;

God dwells in Thee, Himself to show,

His fulness to impart.

Though Thou by Satan wast destroyed

And numbered with the dead,

In resurrection Thou dost build

A larger one instead.


The city shows Thy fulness true,

A figure of Thy Bride,

The increase of Thyself in full,

In whom Thou dost abide.

In Thee is God, the light divine,

The lamp in her art Thou;

With Thee God shines thru her on all,

His glory to avow.


The tabernacle and the ark,

The law within them stored,

The temple and the city too,

Are all Thyself, dear Lord.

Thou art the hub, Thou art the rim,

The all in all Thou art!

In Thee we see both God and man,

How precious to our heart!

Hymn #194