Hymns, #195

Praise of the Lord - His All-Inclusiveness

Eng/Kor:195  Chin:165  Span:89  Rus:247  Tag:195  Fra:-  Por:107

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:J. C. Trench

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Lord, Thou art all the offerings

Prepared by God for us;

They are so rich in meaning,

So sweet and glorious.

They have fulfilled God's purpose

And met His heart's desire;

They too have satisfied us,

And faced what we require.


Thou art the burnt-oblation,

Consumed by holy fire;

To God as a sweet savor,

Fulfilling His desire.

Thou walkedst in God's presence,

And all His will pursued;

Thyself the spotless offering,

For us to God as food.


Thou art the meal-oblation,

With "oil" and "frankincense";

'Tis holy, fine, and perfect,

And sweet to every sense.'

Thou art the peace-oblation,

The peace for us to make,

That we with God may share Thee,

As food of Thee partake.


Thou art the sin-oblation,

For us Thou sin wast made;

By death for our redemption

The ransom Thou hast paid.

Thou art the trespass-offering,

Thou all our sins didst bear

To satisfy God's justice,

That we His pardon share.


Thou art the wave-oblation,

The resurrected One;

O'er Hades, death and darkness,

The vict'ry Thou hast won.

Thou art the heave-oblation,

Thou didst ascend to God;

As such in heav'nly places

Thou art our holy food.

Hymn #195