Hymns, #747

Various Aspects of the Inner Life - Discerning the Spirit

Eng/Kor:747  Chin:543  Span:320  Rus:479  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:349

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:R. W. Dixon

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The holiest of God's temple is

The inmost part; the mercy seat,

God's presence and the ark are there,

And there the priests the Lord may meet.


Now we're God's temple in three parts;

Our inmost part the spirit is;

There God and Christ as Spirit dwell,

The holiest place of holy 'tis.


'Tis here within our inmost part

That God in Christ is all to us;

'Tis here the Holy Spirit makes

The Lord reality to us.


'Tis here within the spirit-part

We contact Christ and dwell with Him;

'Tis by our spirit we with God

Have fellowship and worship Him.


'Tis here that Christ is like the land

Where we may dwell, its wealth enjoy;

'Tis here that we must fight the foe,

And Christ's authority employ.


The spirit we must seek to know,

Discerning spirit from the soul,

And live within this holiest place,

To worship God and reach His goal.


The soul we ever must forsake,

Press on, God's rest to enter in,

That Christ we may possess in full

And all God's plan fulfill therein.

Hymn #747