Hymns, #749

Various Aspects of the Inner Life - Breaking and Releasing

Eng/Kor:749  Chin:545  Span:322  Rus:480  Tag:749  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Virgil C. Taylor

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The Spirit of the triune God

Within our spirit now doth rest;

He ever seeks thru us to flow,

That God in Christ may be expressed.


But by the outward, natural man

The Spirit is confined within;

Instead of giving Him a home,

A prison we've become to Him.


He's like a treasure of great worth

Contained in vessels earthen-made;

The vessel must be broken through

And thus the treasure be displayed.


Oh, how the Lord our self must break,

Our outward man does so impede!

It must be broken thoroughly,

And thus the Spirit will be freed.


This is the reason why the Lord

For us a certain measure makes

Of circumstantial suffering;

'Tis thus our outward man He breaks.


The outward man, the self, the soul,

Must be consumed, must be decreased;

The inner man, our spirit, then

Shall with the Spirit be released.


Lord, grant Thy holy brokenness,

Deliver me from being whole;

And make me willing to receive

The wounds that Thou wouldst give my soul.


Oh, cause me to appreciate

Thy breaking, never to complain;

And grant that I may value more

All kinds of loss instead of gain.

Hymn #749