Hymns, #744

Various Aspects of the Inner Life - The Proper Heart

Eng/Kor:744  Chin:540  Span:316  Rus:375  Tag:744  Fra:744  Por:347

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:John B. Dykes

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#12 (Tune 2), #209


In dealings with the Lord as life

We need a proper heart,

That of His riches, in His grace,

We fully may take part.


We need a heart in all things pure,

With mind both sound and clear,

To understand His mind and heart

In trembling and in fear.


We need a fervent, loving heart,

A heart on fire with love,

With an emotion filled with zeal

For Him, all else above.


We need a true, obedient heart,

With a submissive will,

A will made pliable, yet strong,

God's purpose to fulfill.


We need a heart condemning not,

In all things right with God;

A heart which has a conscience purged

And covered with the blood.


Lord, grant us such a heart as this,

Forever fixed on Thee,

That of Thyself we may partake

And Thy true fulness be.

Hymn #744