Hymns, #745

Various Aspects of the Inner Life - The Two Spirits as One

Eng/Kor:745  Chin:541  Span:318  Rus:125  Tag:745  Fra:-  Por:348

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Cuthbert Howard

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O Lord, Thou art the Spirit now

Who in our spirit lives;

One spirit have the two become,

Which oneness to us gives.


Thy Spirit with our spirit, Lord,

The witness ever bears

That we the Father's children are

And of God's glory heirs.


'Tis in our spirit Thee we touch

Thy riches to enjoy,

And as the Spirit Thou dost give

Thyself without alloy.


'Tis in our spirit we may walk

And follow Thee alway,

While, as the Spirit, Thou dost lead

And light impart each day.


In spirit, by Thy Spirit, Lord,

We live and worship Thee;

Thou, in our spirit, thru Thine own

Strengtheneth constantly.


In spirit, with Thy Spirit, Lord,

We offer prayer to Thee,

While, as the Spirit, Thou in us

Groanest unutterably.


We to our spirit would return

And there would contact Thine;

'Tis in the spirit we may share

Our heritage divine.


What oneness, O my Lord, is this —

Two spirits intertwine!

Thy Spirit in our spirit lives,

And ours abides in Thine!

Hymn #745