Hymns, #751

Various Aspects of the Inner Life - The Divine Way

Eng/Kor:751  Chin:547  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:751  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Miss Davis

Hymn using same tune: #541


It is not by struggling,

But by yielding all,

I may rest from labor,

All my burden fall.

It is not resolving,

But Thyself to heed,

I'm from sin delivered

And from bondage freed.


It is not by letter,

But by Spirit 'tis,

I will be approvèd,

Share Thy life of bliss.

It is not man's teaching,

But anointing Thine,

Which imparts Thy light and

Fellowship divine.


It is not resolving

Now to run the race,

But 'tis by Thy mercy

I receive Thy grace.

It is not by knowledge,

But by grace alone,

I can pass thru suff'ring

To Thine image grown.


Not by lofty phrases,

But by power Thine,

I the lost can pilot

Unto life divine.

It is not my wisdom,

But Thy Spirit, Lord,

Which alone can fit me

To fulfill Thy Word.

Hymn #751