Hymns, #1300

The Kingdom - The Seed of the Kingdom

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Hymn using same tune: #396


The Lord has been revealed in us,

The kingdom-seed so glorious;

He's planted deeper than our heart,

And from us He will ne'er depart.

This seed is never satisfied

Just in our spirits to abide;

He wants to grow and spread today

To live in us in every way.


We're like a glove, an empty man,

So meaningless without a hand;

Lord, saturate each inward part

And form Yourself in all our heart.

The Lord must spread into our mind,

Our natural thoughts and concepts bind;

Imaginations, dreams be gone,

The kingdom-seed in us is sown!


In our emotions He must grow;

Raw, fragile feelings overthrow;

Our love, our hatred, must be His —

Lord, we agree with You for this.

Another part the Lord must fill —

Our hard, unbending, stubborn will;

Lord, our resistance quickly break,

Subdue us for Thy kingdom's sake.


Our conscience too the Lord must clear,

That we may walk in godly fear;

Our conscience must be keen today,

Else we cannot the Lord obey.

'Tis by His growing, spreading thus,

The Lord will have His home in us;

A place on earth where He is Lord,

Full rights to Him we will afford.

Hymn #1300