Hymns, #944

The Kingdom - Its Reality

Eng/Kor:944  Chin:748  Span:429  Rus:544  Tag:944  Fra:-  Por:473

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:R. W. Dixon

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The essence of the Kingdom is

A life that's under heaven's rule,

A life whose nature is divine

With Christ experienced in full.


Such is this life: in spirit poor,

With heart repentant, mourning, meek,

Which is to others merciful

And purely God Himself doth seek;


As sons of God the peace to make,

For righteousness e'en suffering pain;

Reviled and hurt for Jesus' sake,

Exceeding joyfulness to gain;


As salt to kill corruption rife,

In darkness shining as the light,

In heart and action right and true,

In perfect love to claim no right.


This life self-glory doth renounce

And ever for God's kingdom prays;

It trusts in God for every need

And seeks His kingdom first always.


'Tis strict with self, with others kind,

And always dealing with the Lord;

It ever does the Father's will

And acts according to His word.


To Satan it does not give ground,

Nor to the world, or self, or sin,

But seeks beneath the heaven's rule

God's full authority to win.


'Tis such a life which subjugates

All things with pow'r to God's behest;

The time it hastens when the Lord

Will here His kingdom manifest.

Hymn #944