Hymns, #946

The Kingdom - Its Manifestation

Eng/Kor:946  Chin:749  Span:-  Rus:496  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:475

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:W. P. Rowlands

Hymn using same tune: #741


Lo, the glory! Lo, the splendor!

Heaven's Kingdom manifest!

And its glorious King, our Master,

Is by God's appointment blest.

Once in flesh He came so lowly,

Hated and despised by man;

Now He comes again in glory

To fulfill the Kingdom plan.


Going to receive the Kingdom

From His God, the Ancient of Days,

Now He cometh with the Kingdom

And its glorious, ruling rays.

He's "the Stone" which breaks the nations

Into pieces lowliest,

Which "a mountain great" becometh

As the Kingdom manifest.


Lo, the earth, all lands and kingdoms,

By the Lord and Christ possessed;

Earth beneath their sovereign ruling

Will be full of peace and rest.

No more war and no more hatred

'Twixt the nations will there be;

But God's knowledge shall suffuse them

As the waters fill the sea.


All the Christian overcomers

Shall with Christ in glory reign,

And the remnant saved of Israel

Then God's priesthood shall obtain.

As God's people shall the nations

'Neath their rule and teaching be,

And a glorious restoration

All creation then shall see.


Satan will be bound and banished;

From his rule will earth be freed;

With Christ's sovereign reign and headship

Earth will then be blessed indeed.

All to Christ will then be subject,

To His pow'r and to His will;

As the Head and Center glorious,

He God's purpose will fulfill.

Hymn #946